Antipasto & Tasmanian Smoked Salmon Grazing box Small 2-3 people Sydney Only

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A great Selection of fresh Antipasto gourmet feast
Tasmanian Smoked Salmon
prosciutto San Daniele 
salami Norcia Style mild from local farmers 
Porchetta sliced, Pork belly roasted with a great selection of Italian herbs and a good quantity in garlic
Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese
Pecorino cheese from Sardinia or Romano
an other cheese either a provolone dolce or piccante depending 
Artichokes marinated
capsicum marinated  
Marinated Sicilian and mixed olives 
mixed Giardiniera 
crackers to enjoy your Salmon
rocket salad as a garnish 
walnuts  plus other dry nuts
fresh fruits grapes or dry fruits
cherry tomatoes or a truss tomatoes
lemon to garnish your Salmon