DOLCE & GABBANA GIFT BOX 3 coffee make cups + 2ceramic cups + 2 tone Gold metal sterreress

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The collaboration between Bialetti and Dolce&Gabbana brings forth a celebration of Italian craftsmanship and tradition through the iconic Moka Express coffee maker. Adorned with vibrant designs inspired by the Carretto Siciliano, a symbol deeply rooted in Sicilian culture, this special edition Moka Express pays homage to Italy's rich heritage. The intricate decorative motif, reminiscent of an archival foulard print, encapsulates the essence of Dolce&Gabbana's aesthetic, merging fashion and function seamlessly.

Accompanied by exquisitely decorated porcelain bicchierini (small cups) and luxurious gold-plated stirrers, this collector's item tin and gift set elevates the Italian coffee ritual to a new level of elegance and sophistication. It serves as a perfect gift for aficionados of both fine coffee and exquisite design, encapsulating the essence of Made in Italy and the beauty of its traditions.