Antipasti Grazing Box or Antipasti & Cheese Box, for Sydney, Add your Drink to it Sydney Only ,Delivery Available now, no Wines delivery schedule please check at the bottom of item descriptions

  • $95.00
    यूनिट मूल्य प्रति 
  • $-7 सहेजें


Grazing Boxes are delivered the day after ordering, 
as per below Add your Wine or beer to your order only for Sydney
Melbourne only Grazing boxes  no Alcohol 


  • ORDERS  BY Monday 12 pm 
    • Delivery Wednesday late Morning 
  • ORDERS Wednesday late morning
    • Delivery Friday by 12 pm 
  • ORDERS.  By Friday
      • Delivery  Next Monday Morning
    • No delivery on Saturday or Sunday  

       A selection of salami mortadella spicy salami prosciutto San Daniele prosciutto sliced and rolled in Gorgonzola cheese. Pecorino Sardo with truffle infused, Parmigiano Reggiano, Gorgonzola cheese Provolone some of the nice figs and Pistacchio paste fresh fruit and dry nuts some of the nice Italian grissini or pane casareccia or bruschetta depending to availability 

      if you Gluten free, plus add to the order an extra $ 15,

      Please Note, we do not take responsibility in the contamination of the food, we will take the best care, we will not accept any liability in reference to a possible cross contamination.
      Please reframe yourself from ordering this basket if you are Highly Gluten intolerant 

      Sydney area only for now

      Select your box

      Antipasto x2 -4 mixed Small Box 

      Antipasto 5-8 mixed Medium Box 

      Antipasto 8 & more Large Box 

      Gluten free Antipasto 6 Pax extra $15

      Cheese box only 2-4

      Cheese Box 4-6

      Gluten free add extra $15 for 6 Pax only ( Please note, we will not accept any liability for Gluten Intolerant allergies )