Campania Casa Madaio's Paglierino Pecorino Cheese Cut to size 250 gr minimum order x 4 selections

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    यूनिट मूल्य प्रति 

Product Information

This full-flavoured pecorino is matured the traditional way – on pine boards in a stone cellar, known as a grotta. It is also coated with hay when it is young to protect the cheese and to add a deep, complex grassy flavour that compliments the rich, buttery flavours of the sheep’s milk. The cheese develops a subtle savoury bite. It is smooth and even on the tongue, coating the entire palate with the flavours of the Tuscan countryside.

Region:Campania, Italy
Milk: Sheep
Size: approx 250g wedge cut to order

Region: Tuscany, Italy
Milk: Sheep