Espresso Caffe’ Borbone – Kikka 100% Arabic blend – 300

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    यूनिट मूल्य प्रति 


Kikka 100% Arabica - 50 Capsules Compatible with Nespresso®* domestic machines

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Kikka 100% Arabica is a coffee that comes from the selection of the best qualities of Arabica, coming from very different territories and that give unique and precious coffees, where the crops find the best conditions to be able to express themselves.

Colombia, Brazil, Honduras and Uganda are the places of origin of this precious blend, a meeting of sensory profiles and different shades that go from Africa and cross America, from north to south, and which together outline a rich and balanced blend ranging from the fruity and floral notes of berries and lemon, to the sweet intensity of caramel and chocolate.