Antipasto with Bufala Mozzarella Grazing box Medium Box 4-6 people

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Order on Monday Morning before 12 pm and it will be delivered next day from 12 pm onwards
any order coming after 12 pm it will be done the day after on a late afternoon or the following Morning run
no delivery are done on Saturday or Sunday 
A great Selection of fresh Antipasto gourmet feast

prosciutto San Daniele 
salami Norcia Style mild from local farmers 
Porchetta sliced, Pork belly roasted with a great selection of Italian herbs and a good quantity in garlic
Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese
Pecorino cheese from Sardinia or Romano
an other cheese either a provolone dolce or piccante depending 
Artichokes marinated
capsicum marinated  
Marinated Sicilian and mixed olives 
mixed Giardiniera 
rocket salad as a garnish 
walnuts  plus other dry nuts
fresh fruits grapes or dry fruits
cherry tomatoes or a truss tomatoes