Antipasto Grazing box medium 4-5 people with Caviar of 1x 50 gr of ADAMAS Riviera Osceitra Caviar and a Btl of 700 Mil ITALIAN Gin MALFY FLAVOURED delivered in Sydney Only

  • $320.00
    単価 あたり 

A great Selection of fresh Antipasto gourmet feast
1x 50 gr ADAMAS premium caviar Osceitra (spoon not Included)
prosciutto San Daniele 
1x blt 700 of Italian Gin MALFY flavoured Lemon,Orange,Grapefruit, Classic 
salami Norcia Style mild from local farmers 
Porchetta sliced, Pork belly roasted with a great selection of Italian herbs and a good quantity in garlic
Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese
Pecorino cheese from Sardinia or Romano
an other cheese either a provolone dolce or piccante depending 
Artichokes marinated
capsicum marinated  
Marinated Sicilian and mixed olives 
mixed Giardiniera 
crackers to enjoy your caviar 
rocket salad as a garnish 
walnuts  plus other dry nuts
fresh fruits grapes or dry fruits
cherry tomatoes or a truss tomatoes
lemon to garnish your caviar 



Aqua ADAMAS® caviar is the Italian caviar for definition. It is a fresh caviar obtained from the hybrid between the Italian sturgeon (Acipenser Naccarii) and the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baerii).  Technically it is called "AL" which stands for Adriatic sea/ Lena river. The Naccarii live mainly in the Adriatic sea and the Baerii in the Lena river. It reaches a size of 30 kg or more. It takes 8-10 years to obtain caviar from this species. The diameter of the egg is between 2.5 and 2.8 mm and the color is a dark gray matrix, gunmetal variabl.

Aromatic notes

The taste of caviar is delicate and varies greatly with seasoning.

Acipenser Baerii / Acipenser Naccarii

How to taste it

The taste of caviar is sweet and delicate, it has a nutty aftertaste. It is well suited not only to decorating dishes but also to dress them because of its rich components of oils. Aqua Adamas® caviar goes well with sparkling wines and white wines made of Chardonnay or Vermentino.