COW Veneto Capo Di Stato approx 250 gr cut to size minimum order x 4 lots of mix cheese selection

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    単価 あたり 

Cheese and wine combined – this is one of the famous ‘drunken’ hard cheeses of Italy, matured for a minimum of 12 months. This full-flavoured cheese is soaked in the local red wine, which stains the rind dark purple and seeps into the cheese creating ‘purple veins’ and amazing depth of flavour. It is strong and bitey with pronounced wine and grape flavours. The texture is firm, smooth and slightly flaky – the wine soaking helps to keep it moist. The cheese takes the name from the wine used for his maturation.  The Capo di Stato wine is an excellence of Treviso area.  A cheese that stands out for elegance and balance.

Region: Veneto, Italy
Milk: Cow
Size: approx 250 gr  cut to size