Gourmet Basket with 6 options truffle, chocolate Cantucci D Abruzzo

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 (1) Regional Wine Basket $ 100
Red regional wine IGT
Crafted pasta from Artisan Pasta Maker
Cantucci D abruzzo
Baci Perugina 180 gr
crafted Tomato sauce from Don Antonio

(2) Gourmet Tuscan Basket $125
Chianti IGT from Tuscany
Orechiette Crafted Pasta from Puglia 
Tomato sauce on raccomadation for the orecchiette
Cantucci From Tuscany
Amaretti from Veneto with almond paste 
Gianduia chocolate

(3) Cheese & Crafted Beer $145
Parmigiano Reggiano 180 gr
white truffle paste Umbria 80 gr
black summer truffle from Umbria 80 gr
1 btl of 375 mil for regional artisan beer
crafted pugli pasta cavateli 
tomato sauce suitable for the cavatelli pasta 
Grissini rustici al rosmarino 

(4) Umbria Crafted Beers Basket $ 150
2 crafted umbria Beers and local artisan beer 375 mil 
Salami local Australian with Italian Recipe
pecorino Sardo 120 gr 
risotto porcini about 200 gr
risotto saffron 200 gr 
280 gr Artichoke marinated and grilled for your Antipasto
Parmigiano Reggiano 220 gr 16 months
Rustic twisted bred with herbs from the Abruzzo local Fornaio
Cantucci Biscotti from next region Tuscany 180 gr 

(5) Gourmet with the Cerry Boero Choccolate $ 165
275 mil Aperol Spritzo, 
Crodino Rosso for your aperitivo digestivo non alcholic  80 mil 
EVO oil from Tuscany in crafted bottle 250 mil 
Bluck truffle paste from Umbria 80 gr
Crafted handmade pasta infused with truffle 
180 gr Parmigiano Reggiano for the pasta al tartufo nero
Onions preserved from Calabria 140 gr 
Amaretti di Pistacchio from Tuscany 180 gr 
Nougat in small bits individually wrapped  
Tomato sauce Amatriciana Don Antonio 
Pinot Grigio DOC from Veneto 

(6) Gourmet Basket Completo di Prosecco $ 195
Prosecco from Valdobiadine DOCG 750 mil 
EVO Oil from Tuscany or Puglia 250 mil
White truffle oil Gargiulio 100 mil 
Pistacchio Cream spread on your cake from Vincenzi or la Superiore from Sicily 
Pesto from hand rafted don Antonio 80 gr
Sapori Cantucci from Abruzzo 175 gr 
 Black Truffle paste from Tuscany Jimmy80 gr
250 gr Guglielmo Grounded Coffee from Calabria 100 % arabica 
Aperol Spritzo 125 mil
aranciata Rossa san Pellegrino soft drink the original 330 mil 100% natural Sicily Oranges
Campari Soda small 80 mil mono portion 

 The Finest Italian Gourmet Food 

please read in each basket what  is in each of the one you selected
please select accurately  hard to return and replace it