Truffle Hampers

All of our truffles are premium French Périgord Black Truffle –Tuber melanosporum – a highly sought after variety and considered amongst the finest of all truffle varieties. They grow under our oak and hazelnut trees in a symbiotic relationship with the roots and are harvested throughout the Australian winter months of June, July and August.

The truffle hunts occur once a week in the morning for the duration of the season. Truffle is at its best as fresh as possible, to preserve aroma and flavour. We ship in custom-designed coolers express directly from our farm throughout Australia and to every corner of the globe, ensuring you receive your truffle as fresh and as soon as possible.

Black Périgord truffles vary in size from 3cm in diameter to the size of a large orange. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality, taste and aroma of our truffles, often attributed to our rich, sloping and free draining loam soils that create the ideal terroir.

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