Panettone Lux Al Pistacchio Zaghi`s 800 gr

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panettone Zaghis Milano

Panettone farcito al pistacchio.



BURRO da crema latte


Cremoso cuore al PISTACCHIO

Aromi naturali

Uova di galline ITALIANE allevate a terra


Latte fresco ITALIANO


ITALIAN wildflower honey

An exquisite panettone with a refined delicate flavour, where the unmistakable flavor of pistachio dives into the pleasant delicacy of white chocolate.

Lux'or line
A precious wrapping for a generous format.
The Lux'or line can be recognized by the elegant fabric bag with the characteristic Zaghis stripes of different colors which holds the large leavened products weighing one and a half kilos. A delicacy to be shared that leaves no one without a last slice.