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An excellence for the finest restaurants

The refined glass bottle created by Pininfarina expresses the perfect synthesis between the quality of the product and the exclusive design. Lauretana water is chosen by the best restaurants as a symbol of elegance and good taste made in Italy.

A "precious" jewel that combines the excellent dishes of the chefs from all over the world and preserves Lauretana water, a choice which is not fortuitous for the experts of the food. Thanks to the synthesis of its microelements, indeed, Lauretana is a delicate pleasure, ideal to be combined with the best dishes. The reason? With its light taste tending to neutrality, as a matter of fact, it does not alter the flavors, enhancing the true essence of the food.

The excellence of Pininfarina bottle is also evident in the details: the sinuous shapes of the glass are further enriched by the original label, with the contour of the mountains discernible in transparency, where elegant light effects are suggested.
A tribute to nature, whose packaging – 330 ml and 750 ml – enhances its purity, lightness and the pleasant taste experience of Lauretana water as well. The qualities natural and sparkling are distinguished by a screw cap of different color: respectively blue and red.

One-way glass 75 cl

Natural : 4 layers 6 bottles boxes = 100 boxes x pallet
Sparkling : 4 layers 6 bottles boxes = 100 boxes x pallet
Gross Weight 806 kg



One-way 33 cl "Precious"

Natural : 4 layers 24 bottles crates = 36 crates x pallet
Sparkling : 4 layers 24 bottles crates = 36 crates x pallet
Gross Weight 653 kg

The new packaging of Pininfarina bottle. A little gem of design, a precious casket, in order to protect and enhance the purity of the water, a packaging destined for the most exclusive trades of catering and clubbing in the world. Preciuos is, in short, Lauretana excellence. Elegance, beauty harmony, lightness and balance. Outside and inside.